Collection: Harewood Bloom Collection

Gardens and plants were very popular subjects for recreation in 18th Century Britain. By having an exotic and elaborate garden or selection of botanic interiors, the owner was seen as very educated and cultured.

Not only did Edwin Lascelles hire Lancelot "Capability" Brown to transform the agricultural fields at Harewood into the picturesque parkland that remains today, but he also had a range of interiors and books associated with plants. One of which was 'Specimens of Botanical Plants by Isabella Crathorne, 1787.  The book remains part of a collection that we hold in our archives and contains over 160 hand-painted botanical sketches.

It seems Isabella did most of her collecting in North Yorkshire and occasionally Northumberland. The 'bloom' collection is inspired by some of Crathorne's sketches.


Harewood Bloom Collection

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