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Adopt a Harewood Crowned Crane (Digital Gift)

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This subspecies of the grey crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda and appears on the national flag. Due to their elegance and beauty, crowned cranes are sought after as a status symbol, or as ornamental birds in parks and hotels. Unfortunately many do not survive long as they are not given appropriate care, or they become injured due to their nervous nature.

We support a project in Rwanda that rescues and rehabilitates poached crowned cranes. These birds are then reintroduced back into the wild. 

A Crowned Crane adoption is the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or a great way to make a valuable contribution to their future yourself.

Your adoption includes a downloadable

  • Certificate of adoption 
  • Welcome letter
  • Complimentary tickets x 2 - single use
  • Fact sheet about our Crowned Crane
  • Poster
  • Regular updates from our bird and animal team

As a licensed zoo, the Bird Garden is home to approximately 300 birds from 56 different species. We care for many rare and endangered species, some of which are believed to be extinct in the wild. Harewood House Trust’s work around conservation and education is at the forefront of all that we do as part of our charitable aims.

As a zoo, we have a responsibility to protect birds and habitats from extinction, and to support conservation projects here at Harewood. Bird and animal adoption contributes towards this work and the ongoing protection of species at risk.

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Please note that this is a digital gift. Your certificate, letter, tickets and fact sheet will be emailed to you after purchase.

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